Spawn Corprate Finance advises corporate clients in the gaming space. We take on projects that we truly believe in and we always  have our clients best front of mind. Please reach out to us if you want to learn more about our advisory services.  

Examples of where we can help:

  • To divest some or all your shares

  • To raise new capital (private placements)

  • To acquire or merge with a competitor 

  • If you are interested in investing in the gaming space:

    • and you have a company in mind

    • or you need help to find the right company 

  • You need senior board level advise on the gaming industry​ 

Key Reasons to engage Spawn Corporate Finance:

  • Manage Process                    →      There is a certain process and buyers, sellers and investors are more comfortable                                                                 if it is followed

  • Negotiate the deal                 →      Experience from negotiating corporate finance deals is vital. The counter-parties                                                                are likely to have this experience

  • Create a filter                         →      The advisor will filter questions making sure only relevant questions reach the                                                                      client. This can be used to balance discussions and create better outcomes.  

  • Represent you                        →      Decisions stay with you but there will be someone in the market representing                                                                        you and leading the discussions in your favour.

  • Management Time                →      Using an advisor limits distraction to the client and the management team.

  • Process credibility                →      The presence of an  advisor gives credibility to the investment discussions and                                                                    creates a sense of urgency